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There was a young man named Tunde who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. However, as he got older, he decided to move abroad in pursuit of better opportunities.


He settled in the United States and began building a successful career in finance. Despite his success, Tunde couldn’t shake off the feeling of homesickness. He often thought about his family and friends back in Lagos, and the beautiful city that he had left behind.

Years passed, and Tunde had all but given up on ever returning to Nigeria. However, one day, he received a call from his sister back in Lagos.

She told him about the booming real estate market in the city and how property prices were skyrocketing. Tunde was intrigued and began researching the market.


He discovered that there was indeed a huge demand for properties in Lagos, and that the returns on investment were quite high.

After much consideration, Tunde decided to invest in a couple of properties back in Lagos.

He partnered with a reputable local real estate company, and soon enough, he had a few properties under his belt. To his surprise, the returns on his investment were even higher than he had initially thought.

Tunde was thrilled with the success of his investments, and he couldn’t believe that he had almost missed out on such a great opportunity.

Feeling financially secure and with a sense of fulfilment, Tunde decided to return to Lagos.

He was greeted with open arms by his family and friends, and he felt like he was truly home. He decided to give back to the community and started mentoring young entrepreneurs interested in the real estate market.

With his newfound success and sense of belonging, Tunde couldn’t be happier. He realized that sometimes, taking a chance and going back to one’s roots can lead to great rewards.

Without dragging feet and picking from Tunde’s experience, let me highlight why real estate is profitable in Lagos state?

1. Population growth

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria, with a population of over 21 million people. This large population creates a constant demand for housing, making real estate a profitable investment.

2. Economic growth

Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa.

Economic growth in the city leads to an increase in disposable income, which in turn drives demand for real estate.

3. Limited supply

The supply of land in Lagos is limited, which drives up property values. The government has also placed restrictions on the development of certain areas, further limiting the supply of land available for real estate development.

4. Foreign investment

The Nigerian government has been actively promoting foreign investment in the country, and Lagos is a popular destination for foreign investors. This has led to an increase in demand for real estate and driven up property values.

5.Rental income

The high cost of living in Lagos and the limited availability of affordable housing make rental properties a profitable investment.

The demand for rental properties is consistently high, which allows landlords to charge high rents and enjoy steady rental income.

6. Developing Infrastructure

Lagos is undergoing significant infrastructure development. The government is investing in the construction of new roads, bridges, and public transportation systems.

This infrastructure development is making it easier for people to move around the city and access different areas, which is driving the development and growth of real estate markets in previously underdeveloped areas.

7. High returns on investment

Real estate in Lagos tends to appreciate in value over time, offering investors high returns on their investment.

This is due in part to the limited supply of land and the high demand for housing, as well as the city’s economic growth and infrastructure development.

8. Diversification

Investing in real estate in Lagos can diversify an investment portfolio, as it offers a different type of investment opportunity than traditional stocks or bonds.

Diversifying one’s investments can help mitigate risk and potentially provide higher returns over time.

Buying a property in Lagos is a venture you can never regret. In Nigeria, there’s a huge market that favors everyone in real estate already. Why don’t you start taking some steps toward it?

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