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Giant Strides of the Visionaries Behind AGC Construction & Properties: Bldr. Olusola Gabriel and Amb. Sanusi Fatai Olamilekan | Prestige Real Estate News

Giant Strides of the Visionaries Behind AGC Construction & Properties: Bldr. Olusola Gabriel and Amb. Sanusi Fatai Olamilekan

(L-R) Bldr. Olusola Gabriel & Amb. Sanusi Fatai Olamilekan

AGC Construction & Properties epitomizes innovation in Nigeria’s real estate sector, thanks to the visionary leadership of Builder Olusola Gabriel and Ambassador Sanusi Fatai Olamilekan.

Builder Olusola Gabriel: A Construction and Real Estate Maestro

Bldr. Gabriel is renowned in construction and real estate consultancy circles, boasting credentials from the National Institute of Builders (NIOB) and a track record of surpassing expectations on intricate projects throughout his distinguished career.

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His prowess extends to real estate consulting, where he adeptly handles high-value transactions both domestically and internationally, earning acclaim as a dedicated industry expert committed to excellence and client satisfaction.

Ambassador Sanusi Fatai Olamilekan: A Visionary Leader at the Nexus of Engineering and Real Estate

Amb. Sanusi is a multifaceted leader whose expertise transcends different fields. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and certification as an HVAC technician, he brings technical prowess to the table. Moreover, his passion for real estate has led to a remarkable legacy in development and investment.

A member of esteemed professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy & Management and the Nigeria Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Amb. Sanusi is dedicated to upholding industry standards and fostering excellence.


However, his impact extends beyond professional achievements. Amb. Sanusi actively mentors the next generation, nurturing a culture of success and knowledge-sharing among aspiring professionals. Through his leadership, he not only leads successful projects but also shapes the future of his industries.

A Dynamic Duo Driving Success

Together, Bldr. Gabriel and Amb. Sanusi forms an exceptional team fueled by a shared dedication to excellence and client value. Their leadership propels AGC Construction & Properties to new heights, shaping Nigeria’s real estate landscape through innovation and unwavering expertise.

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