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Real estate investment by Nigerian diaspora and its impact on the economy | PrestIge Real Estate News

Real estate investment by Nigerian diaspora and its impact on the economy


By Asiwaju Ezra

Investments made by Nigerians living abroad in the real estate sector have the potential to significantly benefit the Nigerian economy through various channels.

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These investments play a critical role in driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, improving infrastructure, and addressing housing challenges. Some key ways Nigerian diaspora investment in real estate can contribute to the Nigerian economy include: Foreign direct investment (FDI) from Nigerians living abroad represents a form of capital injection into the Nigerian real estate market. This influx of funds stimulates economic activity, boosts property development, and strengthens the overall real estate sector, contributing to GDP growth. “Nigeria has huge potential, with a young, entrepreneurial population, but many are struggling in the current economic climate,” said Engr. Ajao Abiola, CEO of Mainviews Properties.

“We want to give Nigerians a way to invest in their country’s future and see strong returns.” “While the naira exchange rate and cost of living have been challenging to many Nigerians at home, real estate remains a stable asset class in Nigeria that provides protection from inflation and currency devaluation. “Diaspora investment in property also has a multiplier effect, as said earlier as their money flows into the local economy through the developers, contractors, suppliers, and hands of all workers/labourers involved in each project.” this will feed and bring ease in a way to many home.


Real estate investments by Nigerians living abroad lead to job creation in construction, property management, maintenance, and related industries. The development of residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects generates employment opportunities, stimulates local businesses, and spurs economic activity in surrounding communities.

Investments by Nigerians living abroad contribute to improved infrastructure in Nigeria through funding the construction of housing estates, commercial complexes, and mixed-use developments. Diaspora investors thus play a vital role in enhancing urban infrastructure, utilities, and amenities, which benefit the broader population.

Investments provide much-needed housing solutions for the Nigerian population by investing in affordable housing projects, residential developments, and rental properties, addressing the housing deficit, improving living standards, and supporting social development initiatives in Nigeria.

Real estate investments generate revenue streams through rental income, property sales, and property taxes, contributing to government revenue and tax collections. Increased economic activity in the real estate sector boosts tax revenue, which can be channeled towards public infrastructure projects, social services, and economic development programs.

Sustained investments by Nigerians living abroad in real estate contribute to long-term economic stability and resilience in Nigeria by fostering a robust real estate market, attracting foreign investors, and promoting sustainable development practices.

In conclusion Engr. Ajao Abiola the Ceo Mainviews Properties agreed that, Nigerian diaspora investment in real estate has a profound impact on the Nigerian economy through driving growth, creating opportunities, and fostering sustainable development. By strategically investing in real estate projects, diaspora investors not only generate financial returns but also contribute to the social, economic, and infrastructural advancement of Nigeria, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future.

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