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IBEJU-LEKKI: THE SOUGHT-AFTER NEWEST OIL MONEY by Dennis Isong ~ Prestige Real Estate News



On the 24th of January, 2023, it was an honor for the Lagos State Government to receive the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari to commission the:

1. Dangote Oil Refinery
2. Lekki Deep Seaport
3. Imota Rice
4. 4th Mainland flag off

All of these places are in Ibeju-Lekki axis.

In the Lekki Free Zone Lagos, Nigeria, the Dangote Oil Refinery is a 650,000 barrels per day (BPD) integrated refinery project. It is anticipated to be both the largest single-train facility in the world and the largest oil refinery in Africa.

With 1,100 kilometers of pipeline infrastructure and the capacity to handle 3 billion standard cubic feet of gas per day, the Dangote Petroleum Refinery has the largest pipeline infrastructure in the whole globe. The Refinery alone has a 435MW Power Plant that can supply all of Ibadan DisCo’s energy needs.

The Refinery will have a surplus of each of these goods for export in addition to meeting the whole Nigerian demand for all refined products. A $21 billion market for Nigerian crude will be created by the multi-billion dollar Dangote Petroleum Refinery. With the ability to process various crudes, it is intended to process Nigerian crude.


The federal government, acting through the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), the Lagos State Government, the Tolarams Group (owners of the Lagos Free Zone), and China Harbour Engineering Company are partners in the $1.5 billion LEKKI DEEP SEAPORT project.

Executive Secretary, Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC), Emmanuel Jime said,
“Lekki deep seaport represents a dynamic change as far as the maritime domain is concerned. This is a fully automated port. The implication of that is that for once we are going to have a port that will ensure not only that things are conducted diligently but also seamlessly.”

THE LAGOS STATE IMOTA RICE MILL manufacturing facility in Ikorodu was inaugurated by President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, increasing Nigeria’s capacity to produce rice.

The mill is anticipated to increase the nation’s ability to produce domestic parboiled rice. The mill aspires to dominate the market as a producer of luxury brands.

“The Imota Rice Mill is an effort by Lagos State to support the country’s rice revolution,” Babajide Sanwo-Olu, governor of Lagos State said at the commissioning. “It will create jobs and help drive sustainable growth and we are glad to be part of the country’s agricultural revolution.”

The Lagos State Government announced on Friday that the FOURTH MAINLAND BRIDGE project’s scheduled development will be finished in 2027.

Once finished, the bridge will be the second-longest in Africa and feature three toll plazas, nine interchanges, a 4.5-kilometer Lagoon Bridge, and an environmentally favorable setting.

It is anticipated to be around 37 kilometers long and will begin at Abraham Adesanya in Ajah on the Eti-Osa-Lekki-Epe corridor, travel via Ikorodu, Nigeria’s Owutu/Isawo, and end at the Lagoon Expressway beachfront. In 2027, the project will be finished.


Ibeju Lekki is a rapidly developing area in Lagos, Nigeria that has seen significant growth in recent years.


The area is known for its beautiful beaches, natural resources, and proximity to major business and industrial centers.

Buying a property in Ibeju Lekki can be a great investment decision for several reasons, most especially, now that there are 4 massive projects commissioned to run concurrently.

What does that imply? Buying property in this area is the potential for significant appreciation in value.


As the area continues to develop and attract more businesses and residents, the demand for real estate in Ibeju Lekki is likely to increase now, leading to higher property values.

Another benefit of buying property in Ibeju Lekki is the potential for rental income. As more people move to the area for work at these sites and leisure, the demand for rental properties is likely to increase. This can provide investors with a steady stream of passive income.

Ibeju Lekki is also known for its beautiful beaches and natural resources, making it a popular tourist destination. This can open up opportunities for investors to develop and operate hotels, resorts, and other tourism-related businesses.

Another important factor to consider when buying a property in Ibeju Lekki is the infrastructure and amenities in the area.

The government has been making significant investments in improving the infrastructure in the area, including the construction of new roads, power and water supply, and other basic amenities. The commissioning of the huge projects is another fact that signifies the interest of the government in Ibeju-Lekki.


For instance, the Lekki Epe Expressway which connects Ibeju Lekki to the rest of Lagos and other parts of Nigeria has significantly improved the accessibility of the area. This has made it easier for residents and businesses to move in and out of the area, boosting the economy and overall development.


There are also several high-quality educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers in the area, providing residents with access to essential services and amenities.


Furthermore, Ibeju Lekki is also home to several gated estates and estates like Eleko beach and La Campaign Tropicana Beach Resort, where you can find luxury amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and recreational parks.

In conclusion, for individuals wishing to profit from the region’s potential for growth and development, purchasing real estate in Ibeju Lekki is a wise investment choice. Ibeju Lekki is positioned to become one of the most sought-after districts in Lagos, Nigeria, thanks to its stunning beaches, abundant natural resources, proposed government projects, and expanding infrastructure and facilities.

Before making any investment decisions, it’s crucial to conduct your research and speak with a real estate agent and financial advisor.


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